Safe and secure seat pulls

Our patent pending technology tightens inside the seat to prevent the puller from slipping


How it work: Most seat pullers fit loosely into the fluid end seat. We changed that by introducing a tapered thread and expanding 2 piece puller head. The seat pullers that do expand into the seat use a collet type design. Our design is much simpler and more economical when compared with those designs.

Only domestic materials used for our parts. We know that the imported materials do not hold up to the rigors of extreme applications. That is why we will only use Made in the USA stock materials for our seat puller components.

Our facilities. We manufacture our seat pullers in Goliad, TX

100% American Made Product. Our facility has 5 axis milling capabilities. We also have state of the art turning equipment as well as EDM for accurate and clean part splitting.

Use your existing pancake. If you have hydraulics set up for a 2" all thread and nut, you can use them with our puller head. All we need to know is the required all thread length.

Alternatively, we can supply all the components required to pull seats on your fluid end. These items include our anodized aluminum design for the hydraulic pancake. Foot pedal hydraulic power source can be supplied as well.

Available soon

We are currently measuring demand. We will be taking orders soon. Please contact us to give us information about your application.